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  • Hails From: Pacifica ,CA
  • Fav board to ride: Rickland surfboards Pro Model The Pugugly
  • Who/What inspires you: BobbyMartinez,Occy,People surfing for love of the sport and not just the money. And anybody who is out ripping and having fun.
  • Favorite Wave: Fort Point, San Fran, Any rippiable 4-6 ft left
  • Music: George Michaels, Angels and Airwaves, Offspring, Enya, Air Supply and anything that gets you pumped
  • Accomplishments: 1st at the Baltozar Pro/am and too many others to list
  • Pet peeve: Braggers- just let your surfing do the talking!
  • Sponsors: OceanCurrent, Surfsling, Exceed Wetsuits, Olliepop, Flojos, Hotbuttered, Ricklandsurfboards, SantinosPizza and Versa
  • Goals: Keep surfing, make enough money to pay the bills, see the world, enjoy life
  • Favorite Maneuver: Big floaters, top to bottom surfing
  • Words to live by: Dream as if you\\\'ll live forever, live as if you\\\'ll die tomorrow.
  • Hobbies: Running, Ping Pong, Horse-back riding, riding bikes.

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