EXCEED Halloween Wake Video

Monday September 15, 2008
The EXCEED kids decided to get the Halloween Costumes out early this year and make a wakeboarding video. This is their first attempt:<br /><br /><object width=\\"425\\" height=\\"344\\"><param name=\\"movie\\" value=\\"http://www.youtube.com/v/tVQ21mvtGQY&hl=en&fs=1\\"></param><param name=\\"allowFullScreen\\" value=\\"true\\"></param><embed src=\\"http://www.youtube.com/v/tVQ21mvtGQY&hl=en&fs=1\\" type=\\"application/x-shockwave-flash\\" allowfullscreen=\\"true\\" width=\\"425\\" height=\\"344\\"></embed></object>

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23 Sep 2008 3:13pm

"so cool"


samuel messica

02 Oct 2008 6:53am

"hey its me u guys.... u guys r my bestfriends forever i love u guys and goirgo ur the funniest one .....hows electra shes so cute lol im gonna se u guys one day hey eddie do me a favour kick marks ass please jk lol u guys r so good at wake good love ya guys"


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