Brian Van Holt freedives in EXCEED

Wednesday November 26, 2008
Bella (Elizabeth Reaser) meets her ex boyfriend Shane (Brian Van Holt) at the beach. He turns out to be a Pro Surfer. He is wearing the EXCEED Execute 3/2mm wetsuit. <br /><br /><object width=\\"425\\" height=\\"344\\"><param name=\\"movie\\" value=\\"\\"></param><param name=\\"allowFullScreen\\" value=\\"true\\"></param><param name=\\"allowscriptaccess\\" value=\\"always\\"></param><embed src=\\"\\" type=\\"application/x-shockwave-flash\\" allowscriptaccess=\\"always\\" allowfullscreen=\\"true\\" width=\\"425\\" height=\\"344\\"></embed></object>

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