EXCEED in Costa Rica

Wednesday August 19, 2009
The EXCEED family took a trip to Costa Rica this past weekend. We flew Spirit from Ft. Lauderdale to San Jose. Spirit was a disaster but we will save that for another blog. We rented a truck at the airport and drove to our Hotel in Jaco.<br /><br />Elektra did not waste any time and started right in playing some golf:<br /><br /><img src=\\"http://exceedwetsuits.com/images/blog/elektragolf.jpg\\" alt=\\"Elektra playing golf\\" /><br /><br />Elektra wore the <a href=\\"http://www.exceedwetsuits.com/products.php?item=44e7a7d0b8b8b\\">Eden rash guard</a> as the sun was very strong in Costa Rica.<br /><br />While Elektra was playing golf the boys decided to go Surfing. We rented some boards and paddled out into the 6 foot waves.<br /><br /><img src=\\"http://exceedwetsuits.com/images/blog/surfingjaco.jpg\\" alt=\\"Surfing Costa Rica\\" /><br /><br />The next day we drove 2 hours south down the coast to <a href=\\"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manuel_Antonio_National_Park\\">Manuel Antonio Park</a>. This park is full of wildlife from Sloths to Monkeys. Elektra loved seeing all of the animals.<br /><br /><img src=\\"http://exceedwetsuits.com/images/blog/strollermanuel.jpg\\" alt=\\"Stroller in Manuel Antonio Park\\" /><br />

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crazy team

19 Aug 2009 6:34pm

"go exceed ........you are the best ...see you next dive"


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