EXCEED in Bimini

Monday September 14, 2009
The EXCEED family took a trip to Bimini over the Labor Day weekend. <br /><br />We made it to Bimini but our boat wrecked on the rocks:<br /><br /><img src=\\"http://exceedwetsuits.com/images/blog/biminiboatwreck.jpg\\" alt=\\"Bimini Boat Wreck\\" /><br /><br />We did some snorkeling where we found some neat holes:<br /><br /><img src=\\"http://exceedwetsuits.com/images/blog/giorgiohole.jpg\\" alt=\\"Giorgio snorkeling\\" /><br /><br />Then we came along this friend in the wild:<br /><br /><img src=\\"http://exceedwetsuits.com/images/blog/biminidolphin.jpg\\" alt=\\"Bimini Dolphin\\" /><br /><br />The next day we came across the <a href=\\"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Sapona\\">Wreck of the Sapona</a>. <br /><br />We wanted to something a bit different so we decided to:<br /><br /><img src=\\"http://exceedwetsuits.com/images/blog/saponajump.jpg\\" alt=\\"Jump of the Sapona\\" /><br /><br />After a busy day Alessandra and Elektra went for a walk on the beach:<br /><br /><img src=\\"http://exceedwetsuits.com/images/blog/elektrabimini.jpg\\" alt=\\"elektra bimini\\" /><br /><br />When it was time to go home we had some problems with our plane:<br /><br /><img src=\\"http://exceedwetsuits.com/images/blog/airplanebimini.jpg\\" alt=\\"airplane bimini\\" /><br /><br />So next time you are in Bimini keep an eye out for us!<br /><br /><br /><br />

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14 Sep 2009 12:23pm

"so funny :-) exceed you are the best keep going"


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