EXCEED tests out the Wakekite

Saturday June 12, 2010
EXCEED decided to try out the Wakekite this weekend. The Wakekite is a combination of Wakeboarding and Kitesurfing.<br /><br />Mark was up first:<br /><br /><img src=\\"http://exceedwetsuits.com/images/blog/img_1498.jpg\\" alt=\\"img_1498\\" /><br /><br />Up next is Dodo:<br /><br /><img src=\\"http://exceedwetsuits.com/images/blog/img_1534.jpg\\" alt=\\"img_1534\\" /><br /><br />And now Giorgio:<br /><br /><img src=\\"http://exceedwetsuits.com/images/blog/img_1547.jpg\\" alt=\\"img_1547\\" /><br /><br />Even Alessandra tried this crazy sport:<br /><br /><img src=\\"http://exceedwetsuits.com/images/blog/img_1554.jpg\\" alt=\\"img_1554\\" /><br /><br />Elektra did not want to try so she was just having fun on the boat:<br /><br /><img src=\\"http://exceedwetsuits.com/images/blog/img_1477.jpg\\" alt=\\"img_1477\\" />

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