Care Instructions

Techie 411

Most suits feature ultra-stretch, super-light imported Neoprene to increase mobility, flexibility and aero/aqua dynamics. Seams are sealed, glued and blind-stitched. Glide gaskets are placed at the neck, wrists and ankles to minimize flush. Knee pads absorb impact and extend wetsuit life. The collar is adjustable and designed for comfort and rash resistance.


  • Be careful getting in and out of the suit. The super stretch material can be punctured by finger and toe nails.
  • Rinse your suit with cool, fresh water from a hose or shower immediately after each use.
  • Hang dry your suit on a wide plastic or wooden hanger. Wide suit hangers work great. (What else are you going to put on that suit hanger?)
  • Wear for surfing, kite boarding, scuba diving, snorkeling, wakeboarding, water skiing.
  • Purchase more than one suit; cool is overrated.
  • Wear rash guard to hang out.


  • Machine wash or dry.
  • Hang it in the sun.
  • Leave laying around unattended cuz someone will take it.
  • Roll up in a little ball and throw it in your trunk.
  • Iron, unless you'd like to buy a new wetsuit.

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