Existence W879

Mens Long Wetsuit


$ 194.99

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Thickness: 3/2mm
Material: Finest extra stretchy neoprene designed for maximum fit and performance.
Construction: GBS seams that stretch with the suit and keep water out. Flexible, waterproof seam tape.
Fastings: YKK non corrosive back zipper with protective inner flap and nylon pull cord.
Color: Black / Silver



  • Overstretch shoulders, arms and leg panels for increased mobility.
  • Contoured crotch for freedom of movement and comfort.
  • Mesh chest panel for wind protection and anti-abrasion.
  • Yamamoto smooth skin ultra stretch collar for increased flexibility and comfort.
  • Glide-skin wrist and ankle seals to keep water out.
  • Glide-skin elbow panels for increased comfort and mobility.
  • New E-Tech rubber kneepads.
  • Hidden key holder.
  • Tattoos and designs made with patented super-stretch ink.



Exceed Existence Mens Long Wetsuit


Exceed Existence Mens Long Wetsuit