Existence Mens 3/2mm Full Wetsuit - W879


Exceed Existence Mens 3/2mm Full Wetsuit


Exceed Existence Mens 3/2mm Full Wetsuit


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Mens contour cut 3/2mm full wetsuit. Made with the finest extra stretchy neoprene designed for maximum fit and performance. GBS seams that stretch with the suit and keep water out. Flexible, waterproof pressure bonded seam tape and YKK non corrosive back zipper with protective inner flap and nylon pull cord.

Color: Black / Silver


  • Overstretch shoulders, arms and leg panels for increased mobility.
  • Contoured crotch for freedom of movement and comfort.
  • Mesh chest panel for wind protection and anti-abrasion.
  • Yamamoto smooth skin ultra stretch collar for increased flexibility and comfort.
  • Glide-skin wrist and ankle seals to keep water out.
  • Glide-skin elbow panels for increased comfort and mobility.
  • New E-Tech rubber kneepads.
  • Hidden key holder.
  • Tattoos and designs made with patented super-stretch ink.