The Exceed Team

A group of friends with a passion to exceed...
Born in Italy, Alessandra Persichetti has always had a thing for speed. As a race car driver, Alessandra has raced in everything from go-karts to formula 3; she even attempted to become a NASCAR driver. Based on her adventures in race car driving, Alessandra developed a certain feel for the full-body action suits of professional drivers. When Alessandra began experiencing other sports, she discovered the excitement of wake boarding and the passion of scuba diving. With the cold water temperature, Alessandra soon realized the necessity of a wetsuit. Having to wear the dull and drab wetsuits inspired Alessandra to develop something different for water sports enthusiasts. Looking to make a splash in wetsuit fashions, Alessandra generated the foundation for Exceed wetsuits!

Mark Meyers is the only American of the trio, he is the business mind behind the ideas. From all outward appearances he would appear to be the normal one, but once Mark steps outside and gets active in sports, the conservative trappings are shed. An all around athlete, Mark has earned the nickname Aquaman, due to his prowess in all manner of water sports. Utilizing his extensive experience in scuba diving, wake boarding and other extreme recreations, Mark puts his Exceed wetsuit to the test. If his Exceed wetsuit can keep up with him, Mark feels that it is a product that he is proud to sell. Mark is the organizer whose knowledge and skill has transformed Exceed from a concept and into a reality.

Isabelle Messica was born in France and moved to Florida in 1997 with the desire to utilize her marketing experience. With the support of her friend Alessandra, Isabelle was exposed to the thrill and adventure of go-kart racing, wake boarding and other extreme sports. As part of her new perspective and energized outlook, Isabelle began seeking new challenges in a business realm. Tapping into her persistent nature for promotions and advertising, Isabelle shares a personable approach towards sponsorship for Exceed wetsuits that builds on a global attitude. Outgoing and savvy, Isabelle became the public relations director of Exceed wetsuits.

The future is now! The future is Exceed!