EXCEED Arrives in Galapagos!

Tuesday August 12, 2008
Exceed decided to take a trip to the Galapagos. This was the first friend we encountered today:


Most people believe the Galapagos is an extremely expensive and difficult place to get to. This is just not the case. We flew 3.5 hours from Miami to Quito, Ecuador. We changed planes in Quito and boarded a similar sized plane bound for San Cristobal, Galapagos. This flight was about 2.5 hours. This is still quite less then going to other exotic destinations such as Hawaii, Fiji, etc.. You then have a choice to take a small cruise ship or you can stay on the islands in a hotel. We opted for the small cruise ship for this trip. We took a short 10 min. bus ride from the airport to the port to find our boat. Before we boarded the boat we found this little guy greeting us. Looking forward to some beautiful sights....

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rob G

21 Aug 2008 4:29pm

"wow thats cool! I need to go there."


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