Look out for the EXCEED followers!

Thursday April 2, 2009
Seems like the other wetsuit manufacturers are dipping their toes into a market that EXCEED originated: The fashion wetsuit. Why does a wetsuit have to be ugly to be comfortable? We asked this question over 5 years ago and we answered with EXCEED. As you can see from the pictures below the other companies just do not get it. They have tried to copy our success but have certainly not succeeded. Below you will see two examples from Henderson and Aqua Lung:


You can tell this girl is so happy with her fashion wetsuit:


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Elizabeth Macdonald

02 Apr 2009 1:00pm

"I understand why your competition is trying to copy you...but they have not succeeded in EXCEEDing your fashion sense.





14 Apr 2009 6:15pm

"yeah she looks really happy, lol!"


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