EXCEED in Costa Rica

Wednesday August 19, 2009
The EXCEED family took a trip to Costa Rica this past weekend. We flew Spirit from Ft. Lauderdale to San Jose. Spirit was a disaster but we will save that for another blog. We rented a truck at the airport and drove to our Hotel in Jaco.

Elektra did not waste any time and started right in playing some golf:


Elektra wore the Eden rash guard as the sun was very strong in Costa Rica.

While Elektra was playing golf the boys decided to go Surfing. We rented some boards and paddled out into the 6 foot waves.


The next day we drove 2 hours south down the coast to Manuel Antonio Park. This park is full of wildlife from Sloths to Monkeys. Elektra loved seeing all of the animals.


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crazy team

19 Aug 2009 6:34pm

"go exceed ........you are the best ...see you next dive"


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